About Us

The Story

Ub - men’s wear company was founded in 1958 and based in arezzo - toscana - has definitely succeeded in achieving its goals.

Today, UB produces in around 42 of the best factories all around italy that are only specialized in the highest end quality and garment finish.

The capacity of production can reach up to 200,000 garments per annum without any impact or effect on quality; and all distributed among showrooms that discriminates this brand from others in the market.

The Brand

UB COLLEZIONE is the second line of the UB group concentrating on the new generation of young man who seeks fashion to its extreme. UB COLLEZIONE is the urban fitting that combines slim and classic fit. UB COLLEZIONE branded products can be found in UOMOBOSS Co LLC DUBAI UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.


A combination of both sober and trendy up-to-date models, in which certain details decorate the models in a manner that each and every model is a piece of art itself.

The use of refined fabrics both light weight and soft woven by the best italian mills is how UB is able to dominate the market through men’s wear; that is made only after several tests and trials targeting the customer satisfaction and comfort requirements and ability to adapt to any physical shape.

The quality of the cloth used is of the highest standards ever; starting from the wool, cashmere. Worsted and woolens s’150, s’160, s’180; supertwists for winter and cool wools for summer with integration of natural silk from 10% to 40% that enriches the feel of the fabric to have an exceptional softness never forgetting the fine linen and cottons also.

The quality of the fabrics used and the hard working of the production team following the golden rules of italian tailoring combines to have the detail and finish of every garment unique in shape and fitting, reflecting the identity of the person wearing it. Then we can say that the product of UB dresses the person covering him and not vice versa.

The Art Of Tailoring

A creative and dynamic team made UB one of the leading companies in quality, price and customer service.

Found on one basis only “customer satisfaction” and grew up to reach levels that no one can imagine in regards of tailoring and industrial technology.

Quality Control

In the production department of UB, careful eyes and expert hands in every detail is obvious. 57 control steps are followed until fabrics end up as ready garment. This delicate control and hard work of all the team members inside reflects the outside image of products and reputation of the brand.


Through its showrooms; UB is able to supply customers with “ made to measure” garment service, ideal for those who are looking for exclusivity and absolute perfection; and allowing them to relish the pleasure of feeling a second skin over theirs…

The taken measurements from the client are verified by our professionals and skilled tailors, and then adjusted to fit the physical change of the subject.

Skilful hands finish most of the jacket’s parts, the hand mounting of the collar; and hand sewn arm hole are two of the most visible examples; then hand irons every seam following every operation to enhance and valorize all that has been sewn. Opening sleeves with working button holes finished by hand confer a touch of elegance and refinement

The garment is finished. And the result is … a piece of art. Last inspection on measurement is done confirming everything is in order. Afterwards, the garment is shipped out by overnight carrier to every part of the world satisfying all the special demand of men who admire perfection in clothing.